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Field of Play

Center circle: Circle in the middle of the field where a draw is held.

Critical scoring area: Unmarked area 15 meters in front and to the side of the goal, and 9 meters behind it. Includes the “fan” and the “arc.” Defenders must allow free space to goal when the offense is inside this area. Also, penalties within this area have special consequences.

Eight-meter arc: Line inside which defenders must be within a stick’s-length of their attackers. Used to administer a free shot. Also called the “arc.”

Goal: Points are scored when the ball passes through this six-foot by six-foot square.

Goal circle: Circle that surrounds the goal and indicates the area in which only the goalie can enter. Also called the “crease.”

Hash marks: Five marks on the eight-meter arc used for a free shot. Play resumes from the closest hash mark to the foul.

Restraining line: Divides area where a maximum of seven offensive players and eight defensive players (including the goalkeeper) are allowed; otherwise, a team foul is called.

Twelve-meter fan: 12-meter semi-circle used in the administration of minor fouls. Also called the “fan.”