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Connecticut Valley Girls' Youth Lacrosse


The Connecticut Valley Girls’ Lacrosse League (CVGYL) is a Hartford County based girls' lacrosse league organized for the following purposes:

  1. To PROMOTE the game of Women’s Lacrosse at the youth level.
  2. To PROMOTE the development of sportsmanship, skill development and team play in a NON-ELITE and INCLUSIVE environment.
  3. To CREATE an enjoyable, challenging and engaging learning environment for children of ALL skill levels and ALL levels of physical development.
  4. To PROVIDE a positive, competitive athletic environment for ALL participants, including coaches, players, referees and fans.
  5. To PROMOTE the values of the Positive Coaching Alliance.
  6. To ESTABLISH a scheduling platform between town leagues.
  7. To ESTABLISH a group of town leagues that share similar core values relative to their approach to Youth Athletics

CVGYL Board:

The CVGYL Board of Directors shall consist of a President, Past President, Vice-President and Secretary and Directors at Large.

CVGYL supports (to be posted on each participating town league’s website):

  1. Fair play.
  2. Teams, coaches, players and fans that not only honor the rules of the game but also honor the “spirit” of the rules of the game.
  3. Coaches that give fair and equitable playing time to its players.
  4. Team, coaches, players and fans that respect their opponent and the referees and understand that their opponent and referees are also their partners in competition.
  5. Teams and coaches that honor their scheduled games.

CVGYL does NOT support:

  1. Select teams (i.e. “A” & “B” teams or town “All-Star” teams).
  2. League standings.
  3. Post season league tournament play.
  4. Behavior by teams, coaches, players and fans that is detrimental to the game or the games participants. This behavior can include (but is not limited to): overly-aggressive play, challenging of the referees, bad sportsmanship, cheating, negative coaching, behavior that is not in the best interest of the individual or collective participants.

Levels of Play:

  1. Bantam: Grades 3 & 4 (Level B including three-pass rule)
  2. Juniors: Grades 5 & 6 (Level A: no mandated three-pass rule)
  3. Seniors: Grades 7 & 8, can't be separated by grade (Level A: with full checking as the default but must have one locally rated adult ref and another youth certified ref present for full checking).